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Hauntings in the Archive!

IZK Film Screening
AT/MX, 2017, 72 min

HAUNTINGS IN THE ARCHIVE! reflects on the history/ies of the Austrian Association of Women Artists (the VBKÖ) through its archive of letters, photos, catalogues and administrative documents. The Secretariat for Ghosts, Archival Politics and Gaps assembles the material to conjure up the spectres of the multiple lives of the VBKÖ that was founded more than a hundred years ago. In the film, the ghosts of National Socialism encounter colonial fantasies and share the scene with old and new feminist agencies.

Nina Höchtl´s research based art projects often explore the practice of fiction-making as a political process in art, literature, politics, history, and popular culture, with an emphasis on feminist, queer, post- and de(s)colon/ial/izing theories and practices. This interest of hers is closely intertwined with questions of linguistic, cultural and socio-political processes of transformation and translation, her role as an artist within them and the privileges she may lack or have as a result of her gender, race, class, ethnicity, age, education and profession. In her artistic practice, she is not binding herself to a particular medium. She employs the media of video and photography, works with archival materials, language and sound, produces performances, printed matters and installations, writes and publishes, and convenes events.

Julia Wieger works in art and architecture. Her work is concerned with queer feminist productions of space, archive politics, and history writing, as well as collective approaches to research, knowledge production, and design. From 2015-18, she worked as senior scientist at the Institute for Art and Architecture and from 2014-16 for the transdisciplinary research project “Spaces of Commoning” at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. From 2012-17 she was a member of the board of VBKÖ – an artist run queer feminist art space in Vienna. Together with Nina Höchtl, she founded the working group Secretariat for Ghosts Archival Politics and Gaps in 2012.
8. Mai 2018, 19:00 Uhr
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