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The Monksters

grazjazznacht 2018
The Monksters don’t just play Monk. But with the idea in mind, to create something really individual like Thelonious Monk did, they take cool tunes that are fun to play and jam around with them, play some groovy stuff over them, rip them apart, destroy them, but then fit everything together again. A sololine may start with that one Charlie Parker lick that leads into a monkish wholetone fragment, followed by some always fresh sounding, energetic McCoy Tyner influenced 4th-stuff turning into really sad Radiohead-powerchords, as suddenly a handful of romantic Bill Evans-like voicings sparkle along the keyboard that let arise the feeling of neverending spring, until finally those voicings are getting more and more dense and become triple-diminished clusters that are dancing around all over the chorus, rhythmically shaped in metric modulations of doom… OK, maybe this a tiny exaggeration of our playing style. But still, we’re gonna have a lot of fun, so come and join us!

Urs Hager piano
Milos Colovic bass
Balazs Balogh drums
26. Oktober 2018, 19:30 Uhr