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Creating value by design

Lunch & Lecture
Vortrag von Filip Rafajec & Nuno Rebelo von parkside.
Product – Design – Engineering: three minds for a single goal. All with their own ideas and measurements for success. In this world it’s very hard to deliver compelling yet technically feasible design for digital products. Moreover, creating a digital product and building the best experience for the user is a complex process that requires design and engineering to work closely together. In this talk we will go over how to find a common language, offer options and reconcile differences to reach valuable design that drives people to success in online business.

Filip Rafajec is an Engineering team lead from Croatia. At Parkside he was responsible for scaling a small engineering team from Austria into heights and connecting them with product and design teams from USA. Currently he is the conductor who brings all teams together towards building an amazing digital product. Filip’s main occupations at Parkside are: technical wizard and team lead for the PicMonkey.com project team.

Nuno Rebelo is a Senior Software Engineer from Portugal, who currently works at Parkside on building impactful graphic experiences that bring smiles to PicMonkey users worldwide.
5. Dezember 2018, 12:10 - 13:00 Uhr
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