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Spatial Strategies for the Design of Exhibitions

Vortrag von Simge Esin Orhun.
Museums house exhibitions which can be defined as spatial processes that depend highly on temporal logic. Exhibitions can be considered as a form of art or a visual discourse that are large scale spatial experiences. So, the architectural qualities of space becomes essential within the design process of displaying, showing, mediating and screening of a narration and a theme for exhibition. This talk examines exhibitions as spatially integrative knowledge systems due to their strategy to organise non-spatial information to generate new knowledge. Few conceptual designs will be discussed for their ability to communicate the narrative by structuring it in linear, episodic and relational approaches in parallel with the dynamics of the space and the support of spatial metaphors.
10. April 2019, 17:15 - 19:30 Uhr
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Atelier im 4. Stock