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KUG JAZZ LIVE! - Mega Mereneu Project

The big band Mega Mereneu Project put some of the best musicians living in Styria together and present the new album “Music for Small and Large Ensembles”, released in 2019.

The band is the expanded version of the nonet Mereneu Project, created by Emiliano Sampaio, Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist living in Austria since 2012.

Emiliano works as instrumentalist, composer and conductor and has already worked with the Metropole Orkest (Holland), the HR Big Band (Frankfurt), the HRT Big Band (Zagreb), the Big Band and the Singers (Copenhagen), the Fette Huppe (Hannover), Toshi Clinch Big Band and WAYJO (Australia) and the Brazilian big bands Soundscape, Jerimum Big Band and Speaking Jazz (Sao Paulo).

This new big band album benefits from the participation of writers, singers, poetry slammers as well as fantastic musicians.

Besides instrumental works, the big band also interprets songs written for the texts of the Danish writer Ursula Andkjær Olsen. Two other pieces named “Islamwissenschaften” and “Ist es Möglich” were both written in partnership with the German poetry slammers David Friedrich and Thomas Spitzer.

About the music:

"Seine Bigband ist sensationell, es gibt keine Schwachstelle."
Concerto Magazin (Austria, 2019)

„Irgendwie wird man den Eindruck nicht los, hier bewerbe sich wer für die Erste Liga der Top-Arrangeure.“
Fono Forum (Germany, 2019)

“Emiliano Sampaio is an amazingly talented young Brazilian guitarist, trombonist, composer and arranger (…) His music is complex and beautiful. He is a “tourist” with a ticket to great things. I look forward to enjoying the ride.“
Frank Alkyer (Downbeat Magazine) 2015 ​


Emiliano Sampaio - Guitar, Compositions

Jakob Helling
Gerhard Ornig
Emmanuel Feiner
Žan Cesar

Luis Bonilla
Karel Eriksson
Alexander Ladreiter
Johannes Oppel

Jonathan Herrgesell
Nicolo Loro-Ravenni
Jaka Arh
Oleksandr Ryndenko
Thomas Fröschl

Luis Andre - Drums
Michael Lagger - Keys
Gustavo Boni - Bass

4. März 2020, 20:00 Uhr
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Dieses Konzert wird finanziell unterstützt von: Land Steiermark und Österreichischer Musikfond

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