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Yoshinori Niwa - Rehabilitation of Ancestors

Niwa focuses on social interventions translated to performance, video and installation. His practice is characterized by straightforward expressions and slogan-like titles and concentrated on interventions in public spheres — works are primarily executed on the street and in public spaces, experimenting with interventions and propositions that expose cultural systems of exchange. In his work, Niwa employs seemingly absurd and unproductive physical performances, as for example the act of transferring a puddle from EasttoWestBerlinthroughsoakingupthewater from the street with his mouth Transporting Puddle A to Puddle B, 2004. The artist exposes himself to unaccustomed situations in order to unmask the emptiness of systems and routines of what he calls “the illusory public“. In Walk in the Opposite Direction of a Demonstration Parade (2011) he literally walked in the opposite direction of a demonstration against nuclear power after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Recently, Niwa took interest in the history of communistic and fascistic systems, and developed projects that examine the nature of national histories. In his Looking for Vladimir Lenin at Moscow Apartments (2012) Niwa visits random houses in Moscow searching for memorabilia of Lenin that remained displayed even years after the demise of the Soviet Union. Selling the Right to Name a Pile of Garbage (2014) examines the concept of property rights on garbage and land in Manila/Philippines through colligating naming rights of businesses and dumpsites.

Yoshinori Niwa was born in 1982 in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan and graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts in 2005. His works have been included in international exhibitions such as Double Vision: Contemporary Art From Japan at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow/RU, 2012) and Haifa Museum of Art (Haifa/IL, 2012); Aichi Triennale (Aichi/JP, 2013), Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF THE DOUBT at the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo/JP, 2013), Historically Historic Historical History of Communism at Edel Assanti (London/GB, 2015), OUR BELOVED WORLD at Marugame Genichiro-Inokume Museum of Contemporary Art (Kagawa/JP, 2015), MAM screen Yoshinori Niwa Selected video works at Mori Art Museum (Tokyo/JP, 2016). Niwa‘s works have been collected by the KADIST Foundation (Paris/FR, San Francisco/USA), the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (Wroclaw/PL), the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo/JP) and the Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo/JP). Yoshinori Niwa currently lives and works in Vienna/Austria.

Rehabilitation of Ancestors includes public campaigning, performance, video and drawing by Japanese artist Yoshinori Niwa. How can we face historic issues today? To Whom does history belong to? How do historic events influence national identity?
Eröffnung 7. März 2020, 11:00 Uhr
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